Adam Leong Kok Wey is associate professor in strategic studies, and the Deputy Director (Research) in the Centre for Defence and International Security Studies (CDiSS) at the National Defence University of Malaysia.
For example, schoolchildren should be taught Malaysia’s maritime history, and the education system should promote nautical skills such as rowing, sailing, and open water swimming. It simply is.” But does geography really determine a nation’s identity, either as a continental or maritime nation? The Malaysian government should also re-allocate and prioritize resources to build maritime and naval capabilities in order to safeguard Malaysia’s maritime interests. To answer this critical question, we have to look at both Malaysian strategic culture and the nation’s strategic history. Strategic culture is perhaps the key variable in deciding whether Malaysia is a maritime nation today. Until the nation attunes its strategic culture to the maritime realm, it is highly unlikely that it will become a true maritime nation anytime soon.
Is Malaysia Really a ‘Maritime’ Nation?…/is-malaysia-really-a…/
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