Netherlands Maritime University College (NMUC) is a Dutch-Malaysian private higher learning institution that specialises in maritime education and providing solutions to the maritime industry. Our two main Dutch partners, Maritiem Instituut Willem Barentsz (MIWB) and Maritiem Instituut De Ruyter (MIDR), are two world-renowned and among the oldest maritime education institutes founded in 1875 and 1903 respectively. All NMUC programmes are accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) and approved by the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) and are also recognised by NMUC global university partners.

At NMUC, we are dedicated to ensuring that the graduates we produce are prepared and ready to join the maritime field with optimum knowledge of what is to be expected of them on the field. Graduates will be exposed to the different aspects of the maritime field and will serve as valuable assets to the expansion of the maritime industry.

In the present situation, we do not have enough institutions to train people going into maritime and port operations management. The workers enter the industry first and learn through experience later. NMUC would want to change the scenario to provide equipped talents to the industry.

NMUC graduates will be trained in essential areas such as:

  • Port Studies
  • Shipping Studies                       
  • Maritime Law
  • Human Resource                         
  • Logistics                                        
  • Financial Management
  • Marketing                                    
  • Port/Shipping Operations         
  • Maritime Environment
  • International Conventions         
  • Laws of Carriage                        
  • Maritime Geography
  • Ship Chartering Practices          
  • Maritime Economics       
  • Management
  • and many more..

NMUC main Dutch partners, Maritiem Instituut Willem Barentsz (MIWB) and Maritiem Instituut De Ruyter (MIDR), are two world-renowned and among the oldest maritime education institutes founded in 1875 and 1903 respectively. Recently, NMUC has also expanded its network of partners by collaborating with other Dutch institutes namely NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences and Dutch Offshore Academy. Through these strategic collaborations which entails significant credit transfer and exemption, NMUC diploma graduates are able to obtain Dutch degree qualifications at a fraction of time and cost as they usually do where the graduates will only need to study another 1 year in the Netherlands after spending 2.5 years in Malaysia for their diploma.

All Diploma courses at NMUC are structured based on a 2.5 year academic programme, where students undergo the Internship Programme for 12 weeks in the final semester. Total number of semesters is seven (7), including Internship.

Yes, all NMUC programmes are accredited and approved by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) and Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE). Our programmes are also externally audited by our global university partners. This provides a conduit to pursue higher education abroad and the students’ employability is further strengthened not only in Malaysia but also internationally.

NMUC diploma students can pursue their bachelor’s and master’s degree at The Netherlands and several other countries. On top of that, students will enjoy advanced standing and significant credit exemption to gain entry into final year of bachelor’s degree at NMUC partner universities.

Yes. They will be given the opportunity to undergo a 3-month internship. This guarantees the students a well-balanced curriculum between theory and practical skills.

NMUC graduates are also provided with opportunities to further their studies in the Netherlands and European Union countries as well as the opportunity to spend time at NMUC’s partner institutes.

NMUC campuses feature state-of-the-art learning technologies and facilities for a conducive and supportive learning environment. NMUC is furnished with comfortable classrooms, lecture theatres, well-equipped simulation and computer laboratories, and readily available resource centre and libraries.

NMUC always welcome students from different backgrounds to join us. Students who have achieved a minimum of 3 credits in their SPM examination or any equivalent qualifications are welcomed to apply to NMUC.

NMUC currently offers Diploma in Maritime Transportation Management, Diploma in Shipping Management, Diploma in Port Management, Diploma in Maritime Law , Diploma in Maritime Occupational Safety & Health and
Bachelor in Maritime & Logistics (Honours)

Several other courses are in the pipeline covering areas in offshore oil & gas operations, marine insurance and finance, nautical studies, and marine engineering.

The Malaysian government recognise the acute shortage of maritime professionals in the country, and that is a reason why it sees the importance and urgency of setting up a maritime University in Iskandar Malaysia. The maritime industry has been identified as one of the pillars of growth for Malaysia.  To ensure that our maritime industry remains competitive at all times, the availability of properly-trained workforce especially at the supervisory and management level is pertinent.

Graduates of NMUC can expect to gain full employment in the maritime industry with shipping companies, ports, public bodies, logistic companies, regulatory and enforcement bodies, statutory bodies, GLCs, maritime transport, leisure industry and many more.